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The concept of these live reading meetings First of all, hello and all the best for this new year! ​ The idea of ​​creating a live reading space came to me quite naturally. First of all because a few years ago, I went to see Fabrice Lucchini at the theater reading passages from his favorite authors. His show completely blew me away. He had this ability to restore the emotion of the texts he read with passion and charisma. In this case, I remember reading about Voyage au bout de la nuit by Louis Ferdinand Céline… I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. I always read to my wife and children. There’s something magical that happens about reading aloud and listening. What is shared allows for questioning and reflection. There are so few moments to explore subjects in depth and so few people with whom to do it... We then feel alone and without a deep connection with others... And then we are all in search of something, because we are encumbered by the past and its various accumulations. It is sometimes difficult to find suitable answers. Everyone seems busy advancing their careers. We sometimes have the impression that it is sometimes the great intellectual desert. These exchanges allow you to ask questions, to see things more clearly and to put a little internal order, if you have enough curiosity. ​ I ask for a contribution of €10 for the time I give to these shares. It's not much considering the benefit you'll find there. In addition, to make the process even easier, they are deductible when you book a one-hour individual coaching session with me on the website How it works ? It's very simple, as soon as you reserve your ticket by clicking on "register", you will then receive by email a link to connect by videoconference on the date and time of the event. I chose Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. You will run to comment, ask questions and react live. ​ I'm waiting for many of you, and then let it be known... Thank you and see you soon!

Le concept de ces rendez-vous

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